I encourage you to suspend any doubts and fears you may have about dog wellness and take the leap of faith with me. You will discover how to blend ancient wisdom with modern science, and how to achieve a synergistic lifestyle for you and your dog. Read my blog essay HERE and learn more about Cultivating Synergy So Your Dog Can Thrive with vitality and balance through a healthy lifestyle.


It’s not easy being a dog and living with humans. They live in a world that has stripped them of their vital canine behaviors. Dogs today are isolated and lack healthy mental and physical stimulation. The latter coupled with suppression and repression leads to emotional and behavioral issues. When a dog’s behavior is not addressed it negatively impacts not just the dog but their entire family. Effective strategies will provide you and your dog with sound skill sets so they can adapt to their environment. Separation anxiety, fearfulness,  aggression, trauma and more.


Food is medicine, it is the foundation of your dog’s mental emotional and physical well being. Dogs are living with chronic disease and dying at alarming rates far too young. It shouldn’t be that way and there is a way to change it.  In Western medicine culture, nutrition is not looked at as a crisis – disease is.  Dog food has been ‘de-natured’ and it’s up to us as our dog’s guardians to make the shift and provide them with what they need to flourish. A detailed canine nutritional analysis and protocol will be tailored and designed for your dog to achieve optimum health.  Any age. CLICK HERE for Nutrition Information.


Ouch! Those puppy teeth freakin hurt and the chewing is  out-of-control! The second you bring a young dog into your home is the moment that learning begins. They are sponges and will mirror what you do or don’t do so it’s critical that you have a sound effective plan. Learn all of the critical strategies for navigating – house training, nipping, chewing, nutrition, socialization, puppy manners, and more.


Together, we will practice mindful, intention-based strategies for communication and training for you your dog. You will learn how your dog perceives unique situations and responds accordingly. House training, mouthing, nutrition, socialization leash etiquette, sit, down, come and more.


If you are outside our travel radius or just can’t get an appointment quite yet, we can still help. Tele-training is a perfect way to have your questions answered and help your dog.


All services are custom tailored to your dog’s needs. Each dog is a unique individual. Follow me – you will learn how to craft a beautiful, happy, and healthy life with your dog so that you will both experience wellness! 


Consultations are provided in the convenience and comfort of your own home.  This allows me to gain insight and perspective from your dog while teaching you how to instill good habits in your house and neighborhood. 


Please complete the provided Behavior/Manners Form and/or the Clinical Nutrition Form CLICK HERE If you have any questions about my rates or help with filling out the appropriate form, please contact me at 

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