If you look at things from your dog’s point of view while treating him/her with respect, guiding him with rules and providing him with fun rewards, you’ll have a Courteous Canine!

Look at every situation from your dog’s point of view!

Create a loving relationship with your dog.

Start training your puppy as soon as you bring him/her home!

Set your dog up for SUCCESS not failure

PRAISE your dog with enthusiasm each time he or she is doing good!

Focus on saying “YES!” good dog rather than “No!”

NEVER hit, yell or tease your dog. EVER!

Adopt force-free training. No choke or prong collars.

Use real food for TREATS & motivational dog TOYS to reward.

EXERCISE your dog appropriately & consistently. Daily. Make it FUN!

Avoid giving your dog commands that you know you cannot enforce.

Use your DOG’S NAME positively – not for reprimanding him/her.

Be consistent and fair

Do NOT train your dog when you are angry or frustrated.

WATCH your dog. You will learn quite a bit!

A well behaved dog is a result of a well behaved guardian. If you communicate to your dog in dog language, teach him/her humanely, while being consistent and patient, you will have a happy and Courteous Canine