30 Years Owner/ Head Trainer at Courteous Canines and My Dog Thrives

Cornell Canine Behavior Program

Certified Pet Food Nutrition Specialist

Certified Raw Dog Food Nutrition Specialist

Certified in Traditional Chinese Medicine / Food Therapy

Certified in Reiki

Certified in Flower Essences

Homeopathy & Conventional First Aide

Mentored under Pia Silvani

Assistant Dog Trainer St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare

Drs. Dunbar, Overall, London, Reid, Hetts & McConnell – APDT

Association of Pet Dog Trainers

Canine Health Symposiums Continual Education

Veterinarian Recommended for 30 years

Founder/Owner The Happy Hound – Raw Market

Lecturer and Author

Favorite Charities: Rescue + Freedom Project

40 + Years Canine & Equine Husbandry



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