Welcome! I’m Tamara Tokash and I want to help you keep your dog happy and healthy for years to come. Courteous Canines and My Dog Thrives is where wellness, nutrition and vitality come together to help you and your dog experience happy and well balanced lives.

I’m here to educate, empower and excite you about your dog.  Whether you were referred here or stumbled upon me, you must be searching for a unique approach to improve your dog’s life – Bravo! Your dog’s life, and yours as well, is about to improve dramatically.

I’m a passionate steward for all dogs in this world – mine, yours and those that have no one to love and care for them. As a holistic canine wellness specialist, I will offer, guide and instill healthy lifestyle strategies for you and your dog.  Together, we will work to be proactive, rather than reactive, to maximize your dogs MIND, BODY and SPIRIT.

Healthy Lifestyle

Genetics holds the gun while the environment and lifestyle in which we place our dogs pulls the trigger. As their guardians and advocates we owe it to them to help them THRIVE! There’s no snake oil, magic pill, or empty promises – just proven sound strategies for optimizing health.

Together, we will practice mindful, intention-based strategies for communication and training your dog. You will learn how your dog perceives unique situations and responds accordingly.

Dogs are magical beings that have been sent here for a paramount purpose – to love, teach, and guide us. While we adore and cherish them, in the end, dogs heal and protect us at a deep level – right to the very core of who we are. If you let them in, you will become kindred spirits with them. That I can promise you.

Evidence Based

I encourage you to suspend any doubts and fears you may have about dog wellness and take the leap of faith with me. You will discover how to blend ancient wisdom with modern science, and how to achieve a synergistic lifestyle for you and your dog. The choices you make for your dog become the difference between vital wellness and chronic disease. You will learn how critical it is to choose consciousness over convenience. Whether you realize it or not you are being horribly deceived by the very people and industries that you look to for your dog’s health

Follow me – you will learn how to craft a beautiful, happy, and healthy life with your dog. The relationship we create with our dogs, coupled with nutrition and lifestyle, are the key tenets of health and happiness. My wish for you all is that you and your dog will be blessed like my dogs and me. I want you too, to walk with your 18 year old happy, healthy and disease FREE dog, along a quiet path, feeling each other’s love and energy and being joyful together. Let’s restore dogs lives and THRIVE together.

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Veterinarian recommended…

Tamara was recommended by my veterinarian and helped us develop strategies which were individualized for our Labradoodle, Max. Max was diagnosed with kidney disease and Tamara helped us with dietary choices as Max’s appetite declined. After a year-long battle, Max was hospitalized and it was time to say goodbye. Tamara lovingly made sure to visit with Max before he went to sleep, and later planted a memorial tree in his honor. - Antonia Pinnney  

The best start possible…

"We wanted to give our 8 week old puppy the best start possible; so I hired Courteous Canines to help me train him. It was a very pleasant experience for both my family and my puppy. They were such thorough, patient & knowledgeable trainers. I owe all his good manners to them!" - Tara Rosselli

Expertise in nutrition and wellness…

If you are looking for an authentic expert in all areas of canine health and nutrition, behavior and training, and understanding of the deep love and bond between humans and their dogs, look no further! Tamara is an incredibly gifted woman who’s understanding of canine behavior and expertise in nutrition and wellness comes from her extensive training and endless hours of research in both Eastern and Western medicine. On top of her incredible knowledge and profound love of dogs, she is one of the most kind-hearted and compassionate people you and your dog will ever have the pleasure of meeting! - Karen Carlucci

Astute insight into canine behavior…

"For the past 11 years, which I have had the privilege of sharing with my beautiful Australian Shepherd, not a human who has met him has failed to note what an incredibly well-mannered, obedient, self-restrained and sweet dog he is. I always say that I owe it all to Tamara Tokash! Working with Tamara is a gift. I feel so lucky to have someone of her caliber, character, level of knowledge, and astute insight into canine behavior teach me how to help my dog be the best he can be." - Marina Donahue

Plethora of knowledge….

"Tamara Tokash put her all into the training for my dog and me! She went the extra mile with each lesson. She has a plethora of knowledge on dogs and shows her concern for their well being." - The Balsamos

Tailored to our needs…

"We had taken our dog to a local group obedience class; but unfortunately were disappointed. When we were told about Courteous Canines, our dog and family were able to get one on one attention. The training was tailored to our needs. Maddy’s favorite part of the program was when Tamara would take us on field trips to town. That was real life socialization! They are extremely knowledgeable and good hearted dog people!" - Frank Long

True love for dogs…

"I loved Tamara's calm approach and they way she can read individual dog personalities! I still use many of the techniques she showed me and would love to have her back again to brush up. Tamara's true love for dogs and natural way with them is amazing!" - Lisa Graham

In Between Thoughts…

When you hire Tamara for training, you get so much more. Since nutrition and health are integral parts of behavioral training, Tamara culls from her extensive studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine, holistic healing methods and optimal nutrition. Her education in these areas is on par with that of medical and clinical practitioners. - Beth Ellis

Well behaved pooch….

"Tamara’s a trainer with special gifts. She knows how to communicate effectively with both dogs and their owners. Her lessons are fun and easy. The results will surely bring smiles to the faces of owners. She is also available for follow-up question as well as advice. There’s nothing better than having a well behaved pooch!" - Ruth Morris

Love and consistency…

"I believe that Tamara’s flexible approach and professional style with training has made Cocoa a dynamite dog. She was a great dog to begin with, but Tamara made her be all that she could be. She is two years old now, and when I see owners having a hard time, I thank Tamara silently for teaching me how to understand a dog and handle them with love and consistency." - Carol Greco

Confident and proud…

"My dog was afraid of her own shadow but Courteous Canines and Tamara Tokash worked with my family, myself, and my dog until she learned how to be confident and proud of her shadow!" - The Heatly’s  

Invaluable training program…

"Courteous Canines proved to be an invaluable training program for us and our dog Comet. We learned how to communicate positively with Comet through hand signals, verbal commands and fun games. It gave us the tools to build a life-long relationship. What sets it apart from other programs is the individualized training plan, providing positive solutions specific to our dog. Comet also enjoys the special treats from them, especially the tripe chews and the dried sweet potatoes on a rope!" - Barbara Morse

A rewarding experience…

"We first met Tamara in 1998. We were expecting our first child and had a very rambunctious 9 month old female, black Labrador, Dagney. We had already tried another dog training service which did not work out. After speaking with our veterinarian, they recommended Courteous Canines. We immediately enrolled in two classes, “Babies and Doggies” and “Manners Training”. It was obvious from our first session with Tamara that this was going to be a rewarding experience for both Dagney and us. In addition to being extremely knowledgeable about dogs, you could tell she truly cared about them!" - Rosalie & Steve and Szynal

Calm and Happy Dog…

Tamara is a gem! When we were on vacation last year, our sweet, introverted pup was in a panic that we had left her with a dog sitter. Tamara made an emergency house call and implemented specific behavior modification techniques and worked with our pup and our pet sitter until our dog was calm and happy. Tamara didn’t just save the day, she saved the whole vacation! - Penny Sokolowski

An eager student…

"Tamara used positive reinforcement, which made Mandy an eager student. The detailed course program was extremely helpful in reviewing all we had learned. Tamara is an excellent trainer and we appreciated her limitless patience with all of our questions. Tamara’s sensitivity, support, advice, knowledge and professionalism helped us immensely. Mandy become a “courteous canine”, and our family more knowledgeable." - The Forman Family

Courteous Canines, Tamara Tokash, NJ New Jersey, Help Your Dog Thrive! My Dog Thrives, Raw

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” – Ghandi


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