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Welcome to The Happy Hound

Welcome to The Happy Hound! You’ve made our tails wag!

We live, breath and sleep dogs! They are our passion and we want what’s best for all of them! We are a wellness center for your dog! You will find eco-friendly, all natural, holistic, and unique products here. All dogs enjoy eating, chewing and playing. So we keep that in mind every time we thoroughly research products. Human grade food, healthy chews, and smart toys are just some of what we have.

You can find more than just products here. The Happy Hound is an extension of Courteous Canines; a humane, positive reward training school. Just click on Courteous Canines! As dog guardians we are trying to give back to our dogs, your dogs and the dogs of this planet.

Dogs are getting diseased and dying much too young. The facts are there – poor diets and lack of training are killing dogs. They need us to be there advocates. We need to make wise choices for them. We need to better their diet, training and emotional health. Knowledge is a powerful tool! We’ve domesticated dogs, they rely on us to help them. It’s our duty to provide them with a healthy life. We owe it to them to help them live in harmony; we owe it to ourselves to do what’s right. They offer us so much love, understanding and companionship. This is the least we can do to repay them.

We all know it – dogs don’t live long enough. Perhaps it’s because they get life. They really do understand what is important and what is not, don’t they? Whatever the reason, we want them to hang around here a whole lot longer. I know that some of my greatest teachers have been dogs. The Happy Hound is on a mission to provide the best products and training advice to people and their pooches. We’re not just trying to prolong a dog’s life but to embellish it. We want dogs to have a healthy quality of life; one with stamina, health and a vibrancy!

"The dog represents all that is best in man." - Etienne Charlet


The Happy Hound store has been such a terrific resource for my dogs & me! We always find exactly what we need, and the products are safe and effective for our family and our dogs!

- Trish Schmitt

Troy & Athena

Comet enjoys the unique treats from The Happy Hound, especially the tripe chews & sweet potatoes!

- Barbara Morse


Nutrition and a healthy lifestyle play a critical role in achieving a good quality of life. We’ve seen it with our own dogs and know it can be done. We are here to improve, maintain and support your dog’s state of health.

Even if you are just browsing our site; we hope that you leave with a heightened awareness about the importance of healthy products for dogs. There’s a revolution going on and it’s a shift towards a healthy lifestyle for dogs. So jump aboard! Give your dog an extra walk and hug today! Woof!!