K9 Wellness Challenge

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Hello everyone!

I hope this finds you all well and ready for the warm sunny weather! As we work our way into summer I am excited to share with you my Spring /Summer K9 Wellness Challenge !

I know many of you already have a good relationship with your dogs. My goal with Courteous Canines is to help everyone I can create an even stronger bond between you and your dog. You will be given a glimpse into a dog’s mind, body and spirit by learning more about behavior, nutrition and training. I’ll cover things like how does your dog think and the most effective ways to communicate to your dog, what your dog should be eating , despite what you think and hear and how to successfully teach your dog manners! I will be sharing current and cutting edge material with you that is proven & supported by leading experts in the fields of nutrition and behavior. Empirical proof is a valuable tool.

As a K9 Wellness Challenge participant you will join other dog guardians on the journey to know your dog better and gain a new perspective! These challenges are intended to plant a seed of health , elevate each dog guardian to a new level, be innocuous and by all means be FUN ! On the Courteous Canines Facebook page there will be the opportunity to share and participate in weekly mini challenges. I encourage everyone to start by introducing us to your furry friends! My intent is to leave you with awareness and key materials to continue on a healthy & happy path. As time goes on we all can share with each other and pass on what we have learned from our dogs. I know these challenges will ultimately help your dog thrive ! These challenges are intended to prompt you by
being more aware and becoming more disciplined
with your beloved dog. Build upon each challenge and be consistent with your efforts and creative in your approach.

I hope you will accept these challenges, implement them (and share them) and look back and feel good! While these may be mini challenges, my hope is for them to become more visceral and innate responses in your life as well as your dog’s! Let’s return the love to our dogs – give them what they need to live a happy, healthy & balanced life ! May everyone who accepts my challenge have an auspicious start!

Wishing you and your dog health & happiness,
Tamara Tokash

P. S. If you know anyone that would like to be invited to participate and receive material please let me know, I’ll send them an invite and make sure they receive all material. Or please feel free to share all materials and links directly with them!

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